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University in Motion
You Can't Kill the Bogy Man
The Best Years of Our Lives
Woman; Screaming...
Speechless Horror
I am Not Naked

University in Motion

video loop without sound 2004

You Can't Kill the Boogeyman
video with sound 1 min 2000

De bästa åren (The Best Years of Our Lives)
video with sound 1:18 min 1998

Kvinna; skrikande, flyende, dold (Woman; Screaming, Running, Hidden)
video without sound 1996 © photo: Jan Uvelius

Vitt (White) 
videotriptych with sound 2:29 min

South African National Gallery, Cape Town 1996 

utan titel (untitled)
video without sound 5:05 min 1995

Speechless Horror 
video with sound 1:45 min 1995

I Am Not Naked
video with sound 6:35 min 1994

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